Jasper beach, Maine

our roots

Our roots run deep, no only in the land of Maine, but in the food systems, culture and economy.

West Maquoit Vinegar Works combines ancient traditions with modern technology.  It is a practice of patience.  A work of art & science.  The foundation of all our vinegars is Maine.  Taking inspiration from what surrounds us, grounds us.  We utilize Maine itself in our Vinegars, infusing them with smoked Maine Oak.  By collaborating with Maine farmers, malters, brewers and other artisans, West Maquoit Vinegar Works brings together the work of many, and through the power of culture and Cultures creates a unique vinegar.

The Vinegar Works believes in a sustainable process that  utilizes, supports, and elevates the products of the Maine food network.  We are committed to supporting the producers, growers and creators in our local region to create something new.


Our vinegar is more than just an ingredient.